Having great nails is essential not only for women but also for men. Our nails can indicate our habits, hygiene, and our overall appearance. Good-looking nails can help get a positive impression in front of other people and can also boost your self-esteem. There are many options as to how you would get those lovely nails. If you have lots of spare time, you can do your manicure and pedicure to pamper yourself.

However, not all of us has the time and skill to go DIY in cleaning our nails. Sometimes we tend to do a sloppy job, especially when applying that cool shade of nail polish. Or, we may be too stressed after working too hard, and you just need to get away to someplace where you can find comfort and get your nails done. Nail salons provide the right atmosphere and services to cater your needs. But, unfortunately not all nail salons are created equal, and there are some who would do more damage to your nails than the TLC you need. So, how do you choose the right nail spa?

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Clean & Sanitary Environment

A lot of people come and go to a nail salon near me, and you need to be sure that despite this, they keep their area clean for their clients. Watch out for excessive nail clippings on the floor and the tools they use. Make sure to ask if they clean their tools for every customer. Also, ask on how they sterilize their tools and if they follow the preferred protocols. You don"t want to have fungi or bacteria to be an add-on to your manicure or pedicure. Nasty infections would ruin not only your nails but also your life.

If you see them using the fame file and tools over again, walk out and never look back.

Properly Ventilated

Odor from nail polish, acrylics and other products used at nail salons can be harsh. Directly inhaling those toxic fumes can be harmful to your health if you get exposed to it for a period. Although some odor is typical even in the best nail salons, you would be going to a salon that has the right ventilation for you to be comfortable. If the odor is too heavy, they may have poor ventilation, and you don"t want to linger there.

Knowledge & Expertise

When you want other people to clean your nails for you, you need to make sure that they know what they"re doing. Experienced and skilled nail technicians would work on your nails with minimal effort. They would also have the knowledge to explain the procedure to you and would carefully listen to your concerns. An excellent nail technician would make sure that your interests are resolved and give you some after-care tips to maintain clean, healthy nails.

Superb Customer Service

When you enter the nail salon, were you greeted warmly by the staff? Did they acknowledge your presence or did they completely ignore you? Is the technician friendly or is the tech rude and barely listens to you? You"re paying for the service that you deserve, and if you feel that they are not performing well, you need to look for another salon that could deliver such service. Aside from being clean, you need a place where you can feel pampered to stay for a session.

Check Reviews

One thing to be sure about the salon you"re interested in is to check online reviews about the business. Clients tend to say what they experienced to advise new clients. Take some time to go through those reviews in different sites to get a clear picture. You can also ask friends, colleagues, and family for their recommended nail places near me for you to try.

The care of the nails is something fundamental in the physical appearance of a woman, but we know very well that many times this is not a simple task. With this, we present some tips on how to take care of your nails.

Increase protein consumption

Egg, chicken, fish, and meat protein-rich foods will strengthen your nails.

Brighter nails

Mix a spoonful of baking soda and a splash of lemon juice. With the help of a toothbrush, gently rub the paste in the area where your nails will grow. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Round and short nails

These nail styles are less likely to snag or break. The best option is to cut to the desired length, starting at the ends to the center.

Use the right tools

It is suggested to use good quality products then follow all instructions as well.

Limit exposure to water

Water is quite beneficial, especially when it comes to staying hydrated but if we refer to our hands, it is not good. With this, it is best to limit exposure to water with the use of gloves during household chores such as washing dishes and if you are taking a bath, make sure to keep your hands out of the bathtub.

Olive oil for your hands

Dip your hands in a small bowl containing olive oil, be sure to cover the entire area of the nails and cuticles. Leave to soak for ten minutes, wash with plenty of cold water and finally massage the remaining oil over the whole surface, then apply hand cream.

You can try finishing your nail polish with a light layer of shine. This will neutralize any discoloration and help disguise irregularities or ridges without the chemicals found in many polishing products. Above all, you can visit a nail salon that can give you the cleaning service you want for your nails. 

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